The following uses shall be a principal use when a building or premises is the primary or predominant use of any lot:
   (a)   Permitted. A building or premises shall be permitted to be used for the following purposes as a UT1 form:
      (1)   Neighborhood utilities.
      (2)   Electrical substation.
   (b)   Permitted special. The following principal uses include the same additional restrictions for all listed uses below. A conditional use with standards within §§ 160.605 et seq. (Conditional Use) may be obtained when the standards for a permitted special use cannot be obtained.
      (1)   Antenna support structure.
         A.   Stealth design is required.
            1.   The tower shall be very minor in size and scale to antenna support structure.
      (2)   Community garden.
         A.   No more than one-acre garden is allowed per site.
         B.   The applicant should receive the operational and management guidelines for a community garden.
         C.   A community garden is not required to provide a buffer yard.
      (3)   Microcell tower.
         A.   Microcell towers shall not be within a 600' radius of any other tower.
         B.   25' setback from base of tower to nearest existing structure or building setback line.
         C.   When constructed within any DD or AD form right-of-ways or front yard setbacks, microcells shall be within 5' of the side yard lot line.
         D.   Design character.
            1.   Microcell design shall use materials, colors, textures, screening, and landscaping that is not in direct conflict with the natural setting or surrounding structures.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013; Ord. 89-15, passed 9-1-2015; Ord. 112-16, passed 11-1-2016)