The following uses shall be a principal use when a building or premises is the primary or predominant use of any lot:
   (a)   Permitted. A building or premises shall be permitted to be used for the following purposes as an OPEN1 form:
      (1)   Tree farm/wholesale nurseries.
      (2)   Golf course (does not include club houses—see BCF4 form).
      (3)   Cemeteries.
      (4)   Nature preserve.
      (5)   Natural drainage facilities.
      (6)   Community gardens.
   (b)   Permitted special. The following principal uses include the same additional restrictions for all listed uses below. A conditional use with standards within §§ 160.605 et seq. (Conditional Use) may be obtained when the standards for a permitted special use cannot be obtained.
      (1)   Pet cemetery.
         A.   Animals shall be buried to a depth of at least six feet.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)