General requirements. The maximum height and minimum lot requirements within the RE4 form shall be as follows:
Required Front Yard:
15 feet.
Required Side Yard:
0 feet.
Required Rear Yard:
0 feet.
Maximum Height: A maximum of 4 stories and no more than 65 feet; except a maximum of 3 stories and no more than 45 feet adjacent to DD and AD forms. Additional setback is required when the building is above 55 feet in height. In these cases, add 1 additional foot for all setbacks for every 2 additional feet in height up to 20 feet additional feet of setback.
Maximum Size:
Each building no more than 75,000 sq ft of gross floor area.
Required Buffer Yard:
*45 feet and Level D buffer yard total when adjacent to DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 forms.
*30 feet total and Level C buffer yard when adjacent to DD5, DD6, DD7, AD1, AD2, AD3, AD4, and GW forms.
*15 feet total and Level B buffer yard when adjacent to MD1 and MD2 forms.
Buffer Yard Reduction:
10-foot reduction is allowed when parking is adjacent to a buffer yard.
* See § 160.488 for more buffer yard standards.
See §§ 160.505 et seq. (Additional Yard Regulations) for more information.
Minimum distance between multiple principal buildings on the same lot: 0 feet.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013; Ord. 34-18, passed 5-2-2018)