General requirements. The maximum height and minimum lot requirements within the AD4 form shall be as follows:
Required Front Yard:
20 feet 1 or corner lot 2 .
Required Side Yard:
5 feet on the nonparty wall side; 0 feet on the party wall side.
Required Rear Yard:
10 feet.
Required Lot Frontage:
Maximum Height:
35 feet.
Maximum Size:
No more than 8 units per structure.
3 Required Buffer Yard:
10 feet total (Level A) when adjacent to DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 forms only with three to eight units.
10 feet total (Level A) when adjacent to highways.
1 The front yard may be reduced up to ten feet when a front garage is recessed back ten feet from the front of the house.
2On a corner lot the two required front yards must be equal in the aggregate to at least 30 feet as long as one required front yard is ten feet. Any front yard without access to legal parking and that is not a buffer yard shall be considered to have a ten foot required yard and shall comply with the driveway safety zone.
3See § 160.488 for more buffer yard standards.
Minimum distance between multiple principal buildings on the same lot: ten feet when the edge of the building is parallel to the required side yards and 20 feet when the edge of the building is parallel to the rear or front required yards.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013 ; Ord. 16-21, passed 2-2-2021 )