Any café or pub operation which includes the sale or consumption of alcohol shall adhere to these additional provisions which shall be deemed to be material conditions of any limited lease:
   (a)   Compliance with the rules, regulations and conditions of the alcohol license;
   (b)   Containers for the dispensing of alcoholic beverages must be maintained inside the licensed facility and not in the furniture zone use area. No taps, kegs, cooler or other alcoholic beverage storage devices are allowed on the furniture zone use area;
   (c)   All alcoholic beverages served by the permitted establishment must be consumed in the furniture zone or inside the licensed facility and disposed of on site. Patrons and staff loitering with alcohol on the designated pedestrian pathway is a prohibited activity. Exception: the transport of alcoholic beverages by patrons or staff directly from the indoor premises to the furniture zone use area or to the licensed facility is not prohibited;
   (d)   The limited lease holder shall have in place a security and crowd management plan for the designated use area approved by the city police department; and
   (e)   Any time more than 15 people occupy a sidewalk café or sidewalk pub serving alcohol, the café or pub area shall be staffed so that the furniture zone use area is supervised.
(1992 Code, § 29-85)  (Ord. 2-10, passed 2-8-2010)