(a)   The city may deny, revoke or suspend a fire pit use permit, furniture zone use permit, or limited lease upon finding that any provision herein or any condition set forth in the permit or lease has been violated, but only after investigation and consultation with the permit or lease holder.
   (b)   Upon denial, revocation, or suspension, the city shall give notice of the action to the permit or limited lease holder in writing stating the action which has been taken and the reason therefor. The action shall be effective immediately upon receipt of the notice of the action by the permit or limited lease holder, but the permit or limited lease holder my appeal the action pursuant to §§ 30.040 through 30.046 of this Code. An appeal does not stay the immediate effect of the action.
(1992 Code, § 29-68)  (Ord. 2-10, passed 2-8-2010; Ord. 107-18, passed 11-13-2018)