Each application for a furniture zone use permit or furniture zone limited lease shall be evaluated for the following criteria prior to issuance of a permit:
   (a)   Provisions of this subchapter are adequately followed;
   (b)   All additional licenses or permits required by the city or state for the proposed use activity have been obtained;
   (c)   Placement of objects upon the furniture zone is consistent with the policies and standards developed by the planning department;
   (d)   Adequate clearances for pedestrian circulation exist within the site. This includes proper clearances from items such as parking meters, light poles, trash cans, and whether proper pedestrian circulation occurs on the site; and
   (e)   Safety concerns related to the requested furniture zone use have been addressed.
(1992 Code, § 29-58)  (Ord. 2-10, passed 2-8-2010; Ord. 107-18, passed 11-13-2018)