No vendor shall:
   (a)   Store, park or leave any stand overnight on any street or sidewalk or park any motor vehicle other than in a lawful parking place, in conformance with city and state parking regulations;
   (b)   Sell food or beverages for immediate consumption unless the vendor has available for public use a litter receptacle or a public litter receptacle which is available for his or her patrons’ use;
   (c)   Leave any location without first picking up, removing and disposing of all trash or refuse remaining from sales made by the vendor;
   (d)   Use any device that is designed to amplify sound for the purpose of making verbal solicitations;
   (e)   Allow any items relating to the operation of the vending business to be placed anywhere other than in, on or under the stand or motor vehicle;
   (f)   Set up, maintain or permit the use of any table, crate, carton, rack or any other device to increase the selling or display capacity of the stand or motor vehicle where the items have not been described in the application;
   (g)   Solicit or conduct business with persons in motor vehicles;
   (h)   Sell anything other than that which the vendor is licensed to vend; and
   (i)   Allow the stand or any other item relating to the operation of the vending business to lean against or hang from any building or other structure lawfully placed on public property without the owner’s permission.
(1992 Code, § 29-29)  (Ord. 12-87, passed 3-2-1987; Ord. 89-87, passed 11-2-1987; Ord. 49-06, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 2-10, passed 2-8-2010)