(a)   The city’s public health director shall develop a comprehensive tobacco education program to educate the public about the harmful effects of tobacco product use.
   (b)   The city’s public health director shall conduct informational activities to notify and educate the public about the city’s smoking and tobacco-free policies.
   (c)   The city’s public health director may publish and distribute educational materials relating to this subchapter.
   (d)   Signs will be posted at smoke-free and tobacco-free areas notifying the public of this subchapter.
   (e)   Any person in violation of this subchapter may be ejected from the city property on which the violation occurred.
   (f)   That this subchapter is cumulative of other state laws that regulate tobacco product use and smoking including, but not limited to, SDCL Ch. 34-46 and city code § 130.010, which prohibits smoking in any city-owned buildings, as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 115-16, passed 12-6-2016; Ord. 43-17, passed 5-2-2017)