If any abandoned article or property has been or is kept for 30 days or more without being claimed, the article or property may be disposed of by the health department according to the following.
   (a)   If of no value or slight value, it may be destroyed.
   (b)   If of slight value but of use to the city, it may be turned over to the proper department and used until claimed, and the charges hereby made a lien thereon shall be regarded as a sufficient offset to the value of any use.
   (c)   If of more than slight value, it may be sold by the department ten days after notice of the sale has been given by one publication in a legal newspaper published in the city, and the city may be a bidder at the sale. If on any sale an amount is bid in excess of the charges or lien of the city, the excess shall be deposited to the general fund of the city.
(1992 Code, § 19-57) (Ord. 89-81, passed 11-2-1981)