The public health director shall assume the duties and responsibilities of health officer as described in this Code. The public health director shall perform, under the direction of the city board of health, all duties required of the board by this Code and state law and shall also serve as the program director of Falls Community Health. When filling the vacancy for the position of public health director, the mayor shall submit the proposed candidate to the governing board of Falls Community Health prior to submission to the city council. The public health director shall see to the execution of all laws and ordinances relating to health and sanitation. The public health director or his or her authorized representative shall be permitted at all times, for good cause, to enter any house, commercial and/or industrial establishment, public place or building, or private property or other building and to do whatever is necessary to make a thorough investigation of the property, and to exercise the power of general supervision over the health and well-being of the people and the environmental sanitation of the community.
(1992 Code, § 19-42) (Ord. 36-06, passed 3-20-2006; Ord. 34-13, passed 6-18-2013)