(a)   The Falls Community Health governing board shall be composed of 11 members:
      (1)   Six board members shall be individuals who are served by the Falls Community Health and are representative of the patients in terms of demographic factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, and income;
      (2)   Five board members shall be individuals who are, by vocation and formal education and training, qualified health providers, or represent the community through their expertise in those areas as government, finance, legal affairs, trade unions, and other commercial, industrial, or social services within the community. No more than two of the nonpatient members of the board may be individuals who derive more than 10% of their annual income from the health care industry; and
      (3)   The public health director/program director of Falls Community Health and the medical director of Falls Community Health shall be nonvoting ex officio members of the Falls Community Health governing board.
   (b)   Members of the board need not be registered voters.
(1992 Code, § 19-24) (Ord. 36-06, passed 3-20-2006; Ord. 34-13, passed 6-18-2013)