(a)   Every owner or keeper of a dog or cat within the city must submit an application for an animal license for each animal owned that is six months old or older and a renewal application on or before the expiration of the previous animal license.
   (b)   A certificate and tag shall be issued upon receipt of proper application or license. The certificate shall at all times be in the possession of the owner. The tag shall be affixed to the licensed animal in a secure manner at all times. The owner shall contact animal control to report change of ownership, loss or death of a licensed animal.
   (c)   If a tag or certificate is lost, either may be replaced for a fee of $1 by applying to the records section of the city police department.
(1992 Code, § 7-61)  (Ord. 7-78, passed 1-30-1978; Ord. 78-86, passed 8-25-1986; Ord. 79-11, passed 10-11-2011)