(a)   No vehicle equipped with pneumatic tires may be operated or moved upon any street or highway in this city, if the weight of the vehicle and the load thereon resting upon the surface of the street or highway exceeds:
      (1)   Six hundred pounds on any inch of the tire width on:
         A.   An axle equipped with dual tires;
         B.   A steering axle;
         C.   An axle of an oversize or overweight vehicle that cannot be readily reduced in size or weight and is operating with a permit issued under SDCL 32-22-42 or § 79.022; or
         D.   An axle of a trailer being towed by a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (as defined in SDCL 32-3-1) of 11,000 pounds or less.
      (2)   Five hundred pounds on any inch of the tire width on any other type of axle.
   (b)   In no instance may the weight on any axle or combination of axles exceed the maximum weight limits specified in § 79.003.
(1992 Code, § 40-355)  (Ord. 118-03, passed 12-8-2003)