(a)   A person using any system consisting of a unit of over five-ton capacity, or group of units totaling over five-ton capacity, is prohibited from using water from the mains in excess of two-tenths gallons per minute, per ton, except as provided in division (b) below. The water level control on the bank or reservoir shall be so adjusted as to prevent waste of water through the overflow.
   (b)   Each unit over five tons, except when connected to a water conserving system, shall be assessed an annual demand charge of $20 per season for each ton of capacity in excess of five tons in addition to regular water charges. Each unit of any size equipped with water-conserving devices or units connected to a water-conserving system may take water from the mains at the regular metered rates. When a conversion is made from the non-water-conserving class to the water-conserving class during any season, prior to September 1, the demand charge for the entire season shall be eliminated.
   (c)   Demand charges are payable to the city finance director and bills shall be rendered September 1, each year, covering the current season. Demand charges shall be in lieu of increased rates for water.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 14.602; 1992 Code, § 41-97)  (Ord. 1912, passed 4-29-1957)