§ 39.283  TERMS OF OFFICE.
   (a)   The regular term of office for trustee members appointed by the mayor shall be four years to expire on December 31 in the year of the mayoral election. The regular term of office for the trustees provided in § 39.281(b) and (c) shall be four years, one term to expire each year.
   (b)   No trustee selected under s § 39.281(a) or (c), except the mayor or their designee, shall serve more than two consecutive full terms of office.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 2.505; 1992 Code, § 35-66)  (Ord. 67-94, passed 7-25-1994; Ord. 36-95, passed 3-6-1995; Ord. 118-16, passed 12-20-2016)