(a)   Eligibility for sick leave for fire shift midmanagement employees covered by this section shall begin after the completion of six months actual service following appointment, but accumulation shall be retroactive to the time of appointment. Any midmanagement member of the fire department continuously employed for a period of six months or longer shall be granted sick leave at the rate of five and fifty-four hundredths hours biweekly.
   (b)   If any fire shift midmanagement employee, except those mentioned in division (c) below, does not take the full amount of sick leave granted in any calendar year, the amount not taken may be accumulated from year to year. When the fire employee has accumulated a sick leave balance of 1,512 hours, the employee shall be paid for up to 72 hours of his or her accumulated sick leave for that year and each year thereafter in which he or she continues to maintain the minimum sick leave balance of 1,512 hours. To be eligible for the annual sick leave payout, the employee must be employed by the city for the entire calendar year in which the eligibility occurs. In the year in which an employee is eligible for and will receive payment for sick leave payout at retirement as provided in § 39.205, the employee will not be eligible for the annual sick leave payout as provided in this section. This payment of accumulated sick leave will be paid at the employee’s regular base hourly rate as of December 31 of the same calendar year in which the payout was earned. This payout will be made to the employee by no later than the third pay check paid in the year following the year the payout was earned. Each fire shift midmanagement employee covered by this section shall have deducted from his or her accumulated sick leave not less than 24 hours of absence while on sick leave.
   (c)   Fire shift midmanagement employees originally hired after December 31, 1983, will not be eligible for an annualized sick leave payout, but may accrue sick leave hours without limitation. Each employee under this division (c) will have deducted not less than 24 hours of sick leave from his or her sick leave accrual for each shift he or she is absent from work on sick leave.
   (d)   Fire midmanagement employees for purposes of this section shall be defined as the fire battalion chiefs.
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