§ 39.128  HOURS OF WORK.
   (a)   Each department shall establish the scheduled hours of work for exempt employees within that department. The workweek shall begin at 12:01 a.m. Monday and end at 12:00 midnight Sunday.
   (b)   The regular workweek of 40 hours in each seven-day period shall remain in effect for purposes of overtime computation for all nonexempt employees.
   (c)   The exempt employee shall regularly receive each pay period a predetermined amount constituting all of his or her compensation without regard to the number of days or hours worked, subject to the exceptions listed below.
      (1)   Deductions from accrual banks may be made when the exempt employee absents himself or herself from work for full days of absence for personal reasons, holidays, sickness or disability.
      (2)   Deductions of less than one week from the exempt employee’s salary may be made for disciplinary actions.
      (3)   The exempt employee shall not be paid for any workweek in which he or she performs no work or is not on paid time-off benefit leave.
      (4)   Exempt employees working under regular part-time agreements shall be paid one-half or prorated equivalent of the established pay grade for the identified classification.
      (5)   No deductions in hours for exempt employees will be made for absences occasioned by the city or by the operating requirements of the city, absences caused by jury duty, attendance as a witness and for military leave less than a full week in duration.
      (6)   Flex-time scheduling may be implemented where feasible upon approval of the department head.
   (d)   No improper pay deductions shall be made from an exempt employee’s salary. Any exempt employee may file a complaint with the human resources department within 30 days of learning of an alleged improper deduction. The human resources department will investigate the complaint to determine if any pay deductions were improper. Exempt employees will be reimbursed for any improper deductions. The human resources department shall communicate the provisions of this section to employees by appropriate means.
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