§ 39.090  SCOPE OF RULES.
   The civil service rules adopted by the civil service board shall provide among other things for the following:
   (a)   Open, competitive examinations and other examinations by which to test applicants for office or for employment as to their practical fitness to discharge the duties of the positions which they desire to fill, which examinations shall be public and free to all persons;
   (b)   The filling of vacancies in offices and places of employment in accordance with the results of the examinations and the selection of persons for public employment in accordance with the results, or otherwise, as may seem most desirable to carry out in the provisions of this chapter; and
   (c)   The promotions in offices or positions on the basis of ascertained merit, efficiency, character, conduct and seniority in service, or by examination, or by both, as may be deemed desirable.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 3.109; 1972 Code, § 30-69; 1992 Code, § 30-68)  (Ord. 82-73, passed 10-1-1973; Ord. 13-77, passed 2-22-1977; Ord. 87-91, passed 11-25-1991)