§ 35.012  STAFF.
   The individual serving as the city attorney shall serve as legal counsel to the board of ethics unless a complaint arises under §§ 35.050 through 35.059. For a complaint under §§ 35.050 through 35.059, the board shall consult only with outside legal counsel of its own choosing as needed who is not otherwise employed by the city. The board may appoint an individual to act as its investigator. The individual serving as the investigator for the board shall be an employee of the city police department who is trained in investigatory techniques and shall be bound by the rules of confidentiality contained in this chapter. If a member of the city police department is a complaining party, the accused person, or is a material witness to the investigation, then the board shall appoint and consult with an outside investigator as needed.
(1992 Code, § 12.5-12)  (Ord. 24-09, passed 3-16-2009; Ord. 03-11, passed 1-18-2011; Ord. 57-12, passed 8-7-2012)