§ 34.009  CANON SEVEN.
   (a)   A city council member should refrain from political activity inappropriate to his or her office.
   (b)   City council members have a civic responsibility to support good government by every available legal and ethical means, to continue to inform and educate the citizenry about the affairs and processes of city government, and to make themselves available to citizens of the city so that they may ascertain and respond to the needs of the community. In doing so, city council members may join or affiliate with civic organizations that advocate and support the principles consistent with the constitution and laws of the United States and South Dakota. In furtherance of this section, city council members may hold appointed or elected positions within their respective political parties, including, but not limited to, precinct officer. 
   (c)   Candidates for the office of city council member, including incumbents:
      (1)   Should inform themselves concerning the laws of the city and state with regard to campaigns and relevant disclosure requirements and should scrupulously comply with the provisions of the laws
      (2)   Should maintain the dignity appropriate to the office
      (3)   Should not misrepresent their identity, qualifications, present position, or other fact
      (4)   Should not make pledges or promises of conduct in office other than the faithful and impartial performance of the duties of the office.
(1992 Code, App. E)  (Ord. 34-00, passed 4-11-2000; Ord. 98-14, passed 12-16-2014)