For the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the residents and citizens of the Town, it is hereby declared to be in the best interest of the Town and the residents and citizens thereof, that the sale, distribution, possession and traffic of alcoholic liquor and malt beverage shall be regulated to the extent that all such activity be, and the same hereby is, prohibited, except as provided in this chapter, and that no sale at retail or possession of such substances shall occur within the jurisdictional limits of the Town except as authorized in this chapter, adopted under the authority of Wyoming Statutes 16-3-101 et seq., Wyoming Statutes 12-4-101(a), 12-4-201(e), 12-4-201(h), 12-4-301(a), 12-4-405, 12-4-407(a), 12-4-410, 12-4-411, 12-4-412(b)(viii), 12-4-413(d), 12-4-502(e), 12-4-504(a), 12-4-601(a) and (b), 12-5-101(d), 12-5-201(a) and (e), and 12-5-201(k). (Ord. 381, 11-16-2017)