A.   Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership or corporation (hereinafter referred to as "person") to make any connection to the town water system for usage of water outside of the town without first obtaining a permit to do so.
   B.   Application For Permit; Fees And Penalties:
      1.   Application for the permit shall be made to the town through its town clerk-treasurer. The permit shall be granted only after a determination by the council that the town will have adequate water and facilities to handle the necessary requirements of its citizens and to meet any prior contractual commitments to provide water service, including prior permits to provide water service outside of town limits.
      2.   The application and permit shall include a specific use and include the amount of water that will be used.
      3.   The fee for the permit and penalties for violation of this section shall be as set forth from time to time by resolution. The fees for the permit and penalties shall compensate the town for any additional burden upon the existing physical water system, including treatment facilities and increased maintenance.
   C.   Costs Borne By Consumer; Use Restricted; Violation:
      1.   Any costs incurred in extending any mains or modification of the physical water system, including treatment facilities, and increased maintenance shall be borne by the persons desiring to use the water outside of town limits.
      2.   Any water connection approved by a permit pursuant to this section shall only be used by the permitted user and only for the specific amounts of water set forth in the permit.
      3.   Violations of this section regarding user and amounts shall be a basis for penalty or revocation of the permit.
   D.   Modification Of Town System: Nothing in this section shall require the town to modify the town's system in order to supply water service outside of the town limits.
   E.   Application Of Regulations: All water use ordinances and regulations for water service in town shall be applicable to water service outside of town.
   F.   Water Service Rates: The rates for water service outside town limits shall be set from time to time by resolution of the town council. In the event a resolution is not passed specifically addressing water service outside town limits, then the rates shall be the same as for customers inside town limits. (Ord. 368, 1-10-2013)