A.   Installation:
      1.   Each water user existing as of the effective date hereof shall have installed by and at the expense of the town a water meter of a quality and capacity acceptable to the town. All water meters will be and remain property of the town.
      2.   All such water meters shall be installed by the town with no expense to the property owner and shall be installed at the property line or as otherwise determined by the town. If the town is required to go upon private property or property the ownership of which is in dispute, access to the property for installation and later maintenance and repair of said water meter is hereby deemed a condition for further utility service to said property by the town, and denial of such access shall result in termination of water services to the property.
   B.   Maintenance And Damage Of Meters: Normal maintenance of meters shall be performed by the town water department. The costs of repairs to any meter and/or backflow prevention device, caused intentionally, negligently or by lack of proper care, shall be borne by the property owner.
   C.   Tampering With Meters, Refusal Of Access: No person shall, in any way, tamper with any water meter installed in or outside the town, or refuse any officers above referred access to any such meter. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)