A.   Maintenance Of Water Lines: The town shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water mains and lateral service lines to each user's property line. All maintenance inside the property lines shall be the responsibility of the property owner, except for the water meter and backflow prevention devices which shall be maintained by the town whether located on private property or not.
   B.   Installation Of Lateral Service Lines And Other Consumer Lines: All lateral service lines and other consumer lines installed after the effective date hereof shall be buried a minimum of six feet (6') below final grade and shall be backfilled with good material and well tamped.
   C.   Curb Stops Required: The town shall install a curb stop in each service line.
   D.   Keys To Valves Controlling Water Mains And Curb Stops: No person, except an employee or agent acting under the instruction of the town or a member of the town council shall be allowed to use, own, or possess a key to any valve controlling water system mains. No person, except a town approved plumber or contractor, or an employee acting under instructions of the town or a member of the town council, shall be allowed to use, own or possess a key to a curb stop. The keys herein described shall not be loaned to any person for any purpose, nor shall such key be allowed to remain in the possession of any individual other than as herein provided. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)