A.   Ownership; Object Of System: The system of waterworks storage, transmission, distribution and supply of the town, located within and without the corporate limits of the town, are owned by the town and maintained, controlled and managed exclusively by the town council for municipal purposes. The object of said system shall be to supply the inhabitants thereof and others as determined by the town with potable water for domestic, commercial, manufacturing, lawn watering and other purposes within and without the town limits.
   B.   Approval Of Additions, Changes: The town council controls and approves all additions, changes and elections to the system and all hookups to the waterworks system. It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, excepting the properly authorized agents, officers or employees of the town, to add to, change, alter, or otherwise modify the waterworks system within or without the town, or to insert taps in any water main or otherwise connect or disconnect from any water main, or turn on any curb stop in the waterworks system of the town.
   C.   Unauthorized Turn On Of Water: When the water has been turned off from any consumer, such consumer shall not turn it on or permit it to be turned on without the prior consent and authorization of the town. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)