4-2-4: GAMBLING:
   A.   Gambling Prohibited: No person shall play for money or other valuable things at any game with cards, dice, billiards or with any other article, instrument or thing whatsoever which may be used for the purpose of playing or betting upon or winning or losing any money or any other thing of value, nor shall bet upon any game others may be playing.
   B.   Gambling Houses And Devices: No person shall keep a gaming house, or in any building or other place by himself or his agent used or occupied, procure or permit any persons to frequent or come together to play for money or other valuable thing at any game, nor shall keep nor suffer to be kept any table or other apparatus for the purpose of playing at any game or sport for money or any valuable thing, nor shall keep nor rent any such place for any such purpose. (Ord. 22, 4-19-1919)
   C.   Confiscation And Destruction Of Gambling Paraphernalia: All gambling devices, gambling records and gambling proceeds are subject to seizure by any peace officer and may be confiscated and destroyed by order of a court acquiring jurisdiction. Gambling proceeds shall be transmitted by court order to the general fund of the state.
   D.   Penalty: Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be fined as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code for each offense. A person who engages in gambling commits a class 1 misdemeanor; a person who possesses a premises commits a class 3 misdemeanor; and a repeat offender commits a class 5 felony. (1990 Code)