The Building Inspector shall have the authority to withhold any building permit where the proposed building site is in an area of unstable soil or subject to slides, and to continue to withhold the permit until such time as the owner of the site furnishes him with the written opinion of a professional engineer licensed in the state stating that the soil in or adjacent to the site is not of such nature as to endanger the proposed building or that adequate provision has been made in the plans and specifications on which application for a permit is based to protect against damage to the proposed building by reason of slides or of any unstable soil.  The Building Inspector shall have the same authority with regard to permits for proposed buildings in areas subject to inundation, except that the required written statement of a state-licensed professional engineer shall relate to the safety of the proposed building in terms of the threat of inundation.
('91 Code § 151.22)  (Ord. 2222, passed 1-18-68)