No grading permit shall be issued except on the basis of plans and specifications submitted to the Building Inspector which plans and specifications shall include a contour map showing the present contours of the subject land and the proposed contours thereof, a plot plan showing the location of the proposed grading, reports and recommendations from a state-licensed professional engineer relative to surface and subsurface exploration and conditions of the subject land, a description of the type and features of the soil of the subject land, the location of the top and toe of all proposed cuts and fills, the location of all daylight lines, the proposed amount of cut and fill, the details and location of any proposed drainage structures, walls, cribbing, and surface protection, and the location of the proposed disposal site for any contemplated excess material. The plans and specifications, and accompanying maps and other required submissions, shall be prepared by a state-licensed professional engineer, and shall not be acceptable unless so prepared.
('91 Code § 151.16)  (Ord. 2222, passed 1-18-68)