Whenever it shall come to the attention of the Building Inspector that work of any kind is being prosecuted contrary to the provisions of this chapter or in an unsafe or dangerous manner, he shall promptly issue a stop-work order to the owner of the premises involved, or to the agent of the owner, or to the person doing the work and shall post at the site of the work a distinctive placard conforming to the approved rules informing the public and all concerned that work at the site has been stopped by official order.  Upon receiving the order, the recipient thereof shall immediately cease work and cause the work to be ceased by all other persons engaged thereon.  The order may be oral or written and shall in all cases state the conditions under which work may be resumed.  The order shall also direct the performance of the work as may be necessary to remove any violations of this chapter and any conditions which the Building Inspector deems unsafe, and shall describe what corrective work is necessary.
('91 Code § 150.095)  (Ord. 2203-1966, passed 2-2-67)  Penalty, see § 150.999