(A)   It shall be the duty of the Building Inspector to make, or cause to be made, a final inspection and examination of all buildings or structures included under the various classifications of this chapter, which are hereafter erected, constructed, altered, repaired, or added to, before that building or structure is occupied, and if a building has been found to have been constructed in conformity with the provisions of this chapter, to issue a written certificate thereof to the owner as set forth in § 150.120(A) and (B).
   (B)   A certificate of occupancy shall be obtained by the builder before which time it shall be unlawful to occupy a building.  The builder will be obligated to certify that the building substantially complies with all the provisions of this chapter.  The fee for this certificate shall be as stated in § 150.120(A) and (B).
   (C)   The builder will be subject to the penalties provided in § 150.999 if he files false information on his application for final inspection, or if he allows the building to be occupied before final inspection has been made and a certificate of occupancy has been issued.
('91 Code § 150.081)  (Ord. 2203-1966, passed 2-2-67)  Penalty, see § 150.999