(A)   As a condition precedent to obtaining a permit, the owner, agent, or person in control of a building or structure to be demolished, razed, or moved shall notify in writing the appropriate utility companies or public authorities serving the building or structure of his intention to demolish, raze, or move the building or structure.  This notice shall request the public utility company or public authority to disconnect the service.  Within seven days after receipt of the notice, the public utility company or public authority shall disconnect and seal off and so report to the Building Inspector, who shall not issue a permit for the demolition, razing, or moving until his receipt of the report.
   (B)   Whenever a building is demolished or removed, the premises shall be restored to a state that is free of dangers or hazards and is approved by the Building Inspector.
('91 Code § 150.005)  (Ord. 2203-1966, passed 2-2-67)  Penalty, see § 150.999