In addition to the penalty provided in § 91.99, if the public nuisance is not abated within the required time, the City Manager may then cause it to be abated and require the owner, occupant, or person having charge of the property involved, to pay the cost of the nuisance abatement and any damages caused by the nuisance. After the abatement by the city or agent of the city, the City Manger shall give notice by regular mail to the owner, occupant or person having charge of the property involved. The notice shall be accompanied by a statement of the amount of cost incurred. In the event the same is not paid within 30 days after the mailing of the notice, then the cost thereof shall be reported to the office of the City Manager, which shall certify it to the County Auditor to be placed upon the tax duplicate and collected as taxes are collected.
(Ord. 99-3043, passed 10-14-99; Am. Ord. 04-3177, passed 7-15-04)