§ 53.06  FEE SCHEDULE.
   The following fees are hereby established:
   (A)   Right-of-way construction application fee. The purpose of the application fee is limited to the recovery of the direct increment or cost incurred by the city in inspecting or reviewing any plans and specifications and in granting the associated permit.
      (1)   Permittees shall pay an application fee determined by the following:
         (a)   Permittee proposing to utilize equal to or greater than 20 miles of right-of-way shall pay an application fee of $400.
         (b)   Permittee proposing to utilize less than 20 miles of right-of-way shall pay any application fee of $200.
         (c)   Said fee shall be paid at the time of application.
      (2)   Residential permittees shall pay no application fee but shall be required to make application for and receive approval of the use of the right-of-way.
   (B)   Right-of-way excavation work permit fee.
      (1)   Permittees shall make application for an excavation work permit for each street opening, cut, or bore and shall post a performance bond as specified in § 53.09.  The fee for an excavation work permit shall be $50.
      (2)   Said fees are payable at the time the notice is filed as specified in § 53.08.  Fees for work done without prior notice per § 53.08 shall be made within seven business days of the initiation of any such work.
      (3)   Said permit shall serve as the permittee's right-of-way work permit.
   (C)   Fee exception.  There shall be no fee for a right-of-way work permit when the work being performed involves activities listed in Chapters 52 and 95 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 10-3322, passed 6-17-10)