An application for a conditional use permit must be filed with the Zoning Enforcement Officer by at least one owner or lessee of property upon which a conditional use exists or is proposed. At a minimum, the application shall contain the following information:
   (A)   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant;
   (B)   A legal description of the property;
   (C)   A detailed description of the existing use and proposed use;
   (D)   The zoning district in which it is located;
   (E)   A narrative statement evaluating the effects on adjoining property; the effect of those elements such as noise, glare, odor, fumes, and vibration on adjoining property; a discussion of the general compatibility with adjacent and other properties in the district; and
   (F)   If a proposed conditional use meets the requirements for a site plan application submission as provided for in § 153.161, the conditional use application shall also contain those applicable site plan application requirements.
('91 Code, § 153.177)  (Ord. 1910-1954, passed 10-21-54; Am. Ord. passed 4-20-78; Am. Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09)