(A)   Formal submission and approval of a site plan is required before any zoning permit may be issued.  Formal submission and approval of a site plan includes following the review procedures and submission requirements defined herein.  Notwithstanding these requirements, however, at any time prior to the formal submission and review of a site plan, an applicant may at his or her option, submit a sketch site plan for informal review and comment.  The purpose of such a sketch site plan is to provide an opportunity to conceptually discuss a proposed development and to provide general guidance to assist in the preparation of a formal site plan. A sketch site plan need not include all items required for a formal site plan application and informal review of the site plan need not include the notifications required under this section.
   (B)   An applicant for formal site plan approval shall file 12 copies of a plan with the Zoning Enforcement Officer along with other required documents and an application fee. For developments also requiring conditional use approval, the procedure established in § 153.212 shall be followed. The Planning Commission may concurrently address the issue of site plan approval and conditional use approval.
   (C)   After reviewing an application for formal site plan approval for completeness and determining that the application and site plan is complete, the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall transmit copies of the site plan to individual departments and agencies. If all information required is not provided, the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall promptly notify the applicant of the items needed. Within 45 days following the determination that the application is complete, one of the following actions shall be taken:
      (1)   Approval of the site plan based upon a determination that the proposed plan will constitute a suitable development and the plan meets the standards set forth in this Zoning Code;
      (2)   Disapproval of the site plan based upon a determination that the proposed project does not meet the standards for review set forth in all applicable chapters of this Zoning Code;
      (3)   Approval of the site plan subject to any conditions, modifications, and restrictions as required to guarantee that the project meets the standards for review; or
      (4)   Table the site plan application for a period not to exceed 90 days to provide the applicant additional time to address one or more deficiencies identified in the site plan application.
   (D)   If the site plan is disapproved, the specific basis for such disapproval shall be provided, along with a clear description of how the site plan could be modified to be approved. Appeals from Planning Commission decisions may be made in the manner specified in § 153.035.
   (E)   Submission requirements. A site plan shall be prepared at a scale of one inch equals 20 feet (developments more than five acres may be drawn at a scale of one inch equals 50 feet), on standard 24-inch x 36-inch sheets with continuation on 8-inch x 11-inch sheets as necessary for narrative. Copies of all plan sheets shall also be submitted on 11-inch x17-inch format. A site plan shall, at a minimum, include all data, details, and supporting information as outlined in this subchapter. A site plan review fee as determined by City Council shall be required to defray the expenses associated with the public review of the plans, including the need to retain a registered professional engineer, architect, landscape architect, or other professional consultant to advise the city on any or all aspects of the site plan.
(Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09)