The following regulations shall govern the location of off-street parking spaces and areas:
   (A)   Parking spaces for all detached residential uses shall be located on the same lot as the use which they are intended to service and shall be located in the front yard area.
   (B)   Parking spaces for attached residential uses shall be located not more than 300 feet from the principal use and shall be located in a side yard or rear yard.
   (C)    Standards for parking lots located in C-1 and C-2 Districts.  All off-street parking spaces for parking lots located within the C-1 and C-2 Districts shall be provided on the same parcel for which the principal structure is located and outside any public rights-of-way, unless otherwise exempted pursuant to § 153.092(A)(12). Off-street parking in the C-1 District shall not be located in any front yard area. Off-street parking in the C-2 District may be permitted in the front yard area subject to all street frontage landscaping requirements provided for in this subchapter. Parking may be located on a parcel abutting the parcel served, subject to a recorded reciprocal parking and access easement.
   (D)   Parking spaces constructed to serve residential structures converted to commercial use shall be located in the rear yards of the properties, unless it is determined that the rear yard cannot accommodate parking space requirements as determined by § 153.179.
   (E)   New development and expansion projects located within the C-1 District may request a waiver from the minimum off-street parking space requirements required under this subchapter when it is shown that adequate off-street parking area is not available to meet the required standards and the existence of other parking arrangements will satisfy the parking space requirements including, but not limited to utilizing the following methods: on-street parking, and off-street parking located on an adjacent lot or lot in close proximity to the subject parcel.
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