(A)   The following conditional uses and their appropriate accessories are permitted provided the activity is an integral and subordinate function of the commercial business, service and office uses permitted by right in the district; the activity will enhance the ability of the Neighborhood Commercial District to provide community commercial, service and office needs substantially similar to the uses permitted in this district and that will not detract from the creation of a compact pedestrian-oriented commercial center; and the arrangement of any conditional use, building, or structure will be mutually compatible with the organization of permitted and accessory uses to be protected in the district.
      (1)   Single- and multi-family dwelling units in buildings originally designed for residential purposes and existing at the time of enactment of this section, including accessory uses such as:
         (a)   Private garages and parking;
         (b)   Structures such as fences and walls; and
         (c)   Buildings such as storage sheds.
      (2)   Recreation uses or spaces including indoor motion picture theaters, ice and roller skating rinks, bowling alleys, billiard halls, auditoriums, exhibition halls, and other public assembly spaces;
      (3)   Automotive service stations;
      (4)   Drive-in banking facilities that accept deposits;
      (5)   Nursery and child-care centers;
      (6)   Churches and other places of worship, Sunday School buildings, and parish houses;
      (7)   Mortuaries or funeral homes;
      (8)   Dwelling units occupied by owner-operators of attached permitted uses in the district, provided the building was originally designed for residential use, including accessory uses appropriate to the dwelling unit;
      (9)   Small scale cottage industry style uses involving the creation of retail goods typically catering to a specialized niche market or consumer;
      (10)   Low intensity service establishments limited to the repair, servicing and installation of the following types of mechanical services including electrical systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning units, fire suppression systems, plumbing, and building automation; and
      (11)   Any substantially similar use which the Planning Commission determines to be of the same character and nature as those permitted in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District may be permitted in accordance with the conditional use standards set forth in § 153.215(O).
      (12)   A private parking lot providing required parking spaces for an otherwise permitted land use on an unattached parcel.
   (B)   Approval of these conditional uses is subject to the procedures and requirements of §§ 153.210 through 153.218.
('91 Code, § 153.068)  (Ord. 1910-1954, passed 10-21-54; Am. Ord. passed 4-20-78; Am. Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09; Am. Ord. 20-3639, passed 2-6-20)