The Treasurer shall be the fiscal and accounting officer of the Village. He shall be appointed by Council, removable only by Council, may be a nonresident of the Village, and shall be responsible to the Council for carrying out his duties, which include:
(a)   Preparing an annual budget and financial reports;
(b)   Receiving, collecting and depositing all moneys due the Village, and signing all checks and vouchers for their disbursement. Money received for the Village by officers, employees, boards and commissions should be reported and turned over to the Treasurer daily or at such intervals as he may deem expedient;
(c)   Act as the custodian of official bonds and all instruments for the payment of money to the Village.
(d)   Auditing of bills, invoices, payrolls, or other claims against the Village, and determining the regularity and correctness of such items before submission to Council;
(e)   Performing of all other financial duties imposed on him by any measure of Council, or by the Constitution or laws of the State of Ohio.
   Council may appoint a Deputy Treasurer to perform all duties of the Treasurer during his absence or disability.
(Amended by voters November 2, 1999)