20.38.085   Landscape materials and turf replacement.
   A.   Maximum Percent Hardscape Area. With the exception of the established driveway allowance, the maximum area of hardscape material (permeable or non-permeable) within the front setback shall be limited to twenty-five percent of the setback area (includes walkways, patios and courtyards, but excludes driveways).
   1.   Area of front setback - area of required driveway = remaining front setback area.
   2.   Remaining front setback area x twenty-five percent = total allowed hardscape area.
   B.   Driveway Allowance. Driveways serving required garages, or providing on-site parking (for properties without garages) are excluded from the maximum allowed twenty- five percent of hardscape material in front yard setbacks.
Driveway Allowance is based on required garage capacity and size.
Garage Capacity
Driveway Allowance
0 - 1 car garage
10' (max. width)
2 car garage
20' (max. width)
3 or more car garage
30' (max. width)
   C.   Turf in New Development. Turf in new development is subject to Chapter 13.10.
   D.   Turf Replacement.
   1.   Turf is not a required or preferred landscape material. Drought tolerant landscape materials that retain water on site are strongly encouraged when replacing existing turf.
   2.   Turf replacement in landscape areas of two thousand five hundred square feet or greater is subject to Chapter 13.10. (Ord. 2015-11-1481 § 29)