20.39.160   Planning areas and additional uses.
   Within the specific plan area it is envisioned that there may be different planning areas and additional industrial uses may be permitted. Rather than establish all such uses initially, the intent is to permit uses to be proposed and then be analyzed environmentally to determine mitigation and appropriate land use conditions. Accordingly, property within the atlantic/spring neighborhood and designated 4.2 general industrial on the general plan land use element, generalized land use map, Figure 3, may be designated as planning areas of SP-19, and Section 20.39.030 will be amended to designate the planning area and the permitted uses, and other appropriate amendments may be made to this specific plan to regulate such uses. Principal uses, which may be considered within additional planning areas include but are not limited to manufacturing, machine shop, auto repair, auto body and paint, warehousing and distribution, assembly, outdoor storage, lumber yard, roofing yard, light and heavy recycling facilities, hazardous waste management facilities, solid waste transfer stations, and utility distribution or generation facilities. However, nothing herein would currently permit such uses within SP-19 except through an amendment of SP-19, which would include the performance of appropriate environmental analysis of the appropriateness of such use.
(Ord. 2006-11-1368 § 1)