20.38.110   Off-street parking.
   A.   Garages. Each dwelling shall include a minimum two-car enclosed garage. Garage dimensions shall be a minimum of twenty by twenty feet.
   B.   Automatic Opener. An electronic automatic garage door opener shall be provided for each garage door.
   C.   Accessory Storage. A minimum of seventy-two cubic feet of accessory storage area per unit shall be provided within the garage on shelves (with a minimum depth of eighteen inches).
   D.   Additional Parking. Twenty-eight additional surface parking spaces shall be provided for the project as shown on the approved plans. Fourteen of these shall be considered guest parking spaces and must be open and accessible at all times. An additional fourteen may be assigned and reassigned by the homeowner's association for use based upon the actual need therefor, with priority assignments for three bedroom units. Surface parking stall sizes shall be a minimum of ten by twenty feet.
(Ord. 2006-12-1370 § 1)