20.38.030   Use classifications.
   A.   Principal Uses. The following uses shall be permitted within the pacificwalk residential specific plan. Any uses not specifically listed shall be deemed prohibited.
   1.   Market-rate multi-family dwelling units in stacked flats or townhome format available for sale.
   2.   Detached or attached single-family dwelling units.
   3.   Transitional housing, supportive housing and licensed group homes serving six persons or fewer are an allowed land use "by right" per Cal. Gov't Code § 65583.
   B.   Accessory Uses. The following accessory uses shall be permitted, in conjunction with the development of a multi-family housing project at the site.
   1.   Home occupations, not to exceed one such use per dwelling.
   2.   Open space.
   3.   Private garages.
(Ord. 2014-08-1471 § 14; Ord. 2006-12-1370 § 1)