18.28.080   Determination after hearing--Appeal.
   A.   If the planning commission conducts a hearing pursuant to Section 18.28.070(A), at the conclusion of the hearing it shall make a determination that the parcels involved are or are not to be merged. A determination of nonmerger may be made even if the parcels meet the criteria for merger.
   B.   The owner may appeal a determination of merger by the planning commission to the city council, by filing a written request for such an appeal with the director within ten days of the determination by the planning commission. If no request for an appeal is so filed, the determination of the planning commission shall be final.
   C.   If a request for an appeal is filed, the city council shall conduct a hearing on the matter after giving written notice to the owner of the hearing. The notice and conduct of the hearing shall be in the same manner as provided for the planning commission. The council shall grant or deny the appeal. The determination of the city council on the appeal shall be final.
(Ord. 88-09-1011 § 1 (part))