18.28.070   Hearing.
   A.   Upon receiving a written request for a hearing from the owner of the parcel or parcels, the director shall fix a date, time, and place for a hearing on the matter to be conducted by the planning commission. The hearing shall be conducted not more than sixty days following the director's receipt of the owner's request for hearing, but may be postponed or continued with the mutual consent of the director and the owner. Written notice of the hearing shall be given to the owner at least ten days prior to the hearing in the same manner as provided for the notice of intention. At the hearing, the owner or his or her representative shall be given the opportunity to present any evidence that the parcels involved do not meet the standards for merger, or reasons why the parcels should otherwise not be merged.
   B.   The owner may, after receipt of the notice of intention to determine status, waive the right to any hearing and consent to the merger of parcels. If the owner so consents, the director shall make a final determination of merger, and shall cause a notice of merger to be filed for record with the county recorder and no further proceedings shall be conducted pursuant to this chapter.
   C.   If the owner of the parcel or parcels fails to request a hearing in writing within thirty days of his or her receipt of the notice to determine status, the planning commission may, at any time thereafter, make a determination with regard to the merger of the parcels without a hearing.
(Ord. 88-09-1011 § 1 (part))