18.14.040   Procedures.
   A.   Filing and Processing. A vesting tentative map shall be filed in the same form and have the same contents, accompanying data and reports and shall be processed in the same manner as set forth in Chapter 18.12 for a tentative map, except as hereinafter provided:
   1.   At the time a vesting tentative map is filed, it shall have printed conspicuously on its face the words "Vesting Tentative Map."
   2.   At the time a vesting tentative map is filed, unless waived by the relevant department head, a subdivider shall also supply the following information:
   a.   Architectural plans;
   b.   Construction drawings;
   c.   Geologic reports;
   d.   Traffic impact reports;
   e.   Hydraulic studies;
   f.   Hydrology studies;
   g.   Detailed grading plans;
   h.   Any information required for site plan review by Section 20.52.030 of Chapter 20.52 of this code;
   i.   Any other data or reports specified by resolution of the planning commission or deemed necessary by the director of the department of planning and community development, or the city engineer, which will enable the director or city engineer to evaluate compliance with the city code, including Title 15 thereof.
   B.   Fees. Upon filing a vesting tentative map, the subdivider shall pay such fees and deposits as the city council may prescribe from time to time by resolution.
(Ord. 85-12-966 § 1 (part))