16.16.040   Drill site grading, drainage, and surfacing.
   Unless otherwise indicated on an approved grading plan, all drill site grading, drainage, and surfacing shall conform to the following:
   A.   Access roads and other excavations related to the drill site shall be designed, planned, and maintained so as to minimize erosion, provide stability or fill, minimize disfigurement of the landscape, and maintain natural drainage.
   B.   No slope of cut or fill shall have a gradient steeper than a one foot rise in a two foot horizontal measurement.
   C.   There shall be erosion control of all slopes, and on banks which are creased by any drill site construction, so that no mud or other substances are washed onto public streets or surrounding property. This control may consist of effective planting and irrigation, check dams, cribbing, riprap, sand bagging, netting, berms, or other devices or methods to control erosion previously approved for the oil operation site by the oil services coordinator pursuant to a landscape and irrigation plan submitted and approved pursuant to this title and Chapter 20.52 of this code.
   D.   Drainage facilities, including but not limited to concrete catchbasins, swales, interceptor drains, or clarifiers shall be designed and installed as necessary to contain all mud or other substances on the drill site.
   E.   Prior to any drilling equipment, sub-bases, derricks, or pertinent equipment being placed on any drill site, all private roads used for access to the drill site and the drill site itself shall be temporarily surfaced and maintained with crushed rock, gravel, or decomposed granite or other materials approved by the city to control dust, mud, erosion, and drainage.
(Ord. 90-08-1074 § 4 (part))