9.52.020   Display of sexually explicit materials prohibited.
   A.   No person shall knowingly display for sale, or knowingly cause or permit to be displayed for sale in any business any magazine, book or other publication containing illustrations of sexually explicit material unless such magazine, book or other publication is stapled closed, sealed in a wrapper, or is by any other means sealed in such a manner as to prevent its opening and examination by any member of the public prior to the time of sale.
   B.   No person shall knowingly display for sale the cover of a book, magazine or other publication in any business if said cover depicts sexually explicit material unless the cover of said publication is covered from public view by an opaque display insert.
   C.   No provision of this chapter shall apply to any business which is not open to persons under the age of eighteen and which has a sign posted at each door intended for public entrance which shall read: "Notice, this business displays sexually explicit materials. Admission of persons under eighteen years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian is prohibited." The letters composing such sign shall be a minimum of three inches high.
(Ord. 81-1-864 § 2)