9.16.070   Servicing, reworking and redrilling of existing oil wells.
   A.   Except in case of emergency well work, well servicing reworking and truck deliveries are prohibited except Monday through Friday, inclusive, from seven a.m. to seven p.m. and except for industrial areas and drill sites as shown on the oil well servicing map on file in City Hall where work shall be permitted on Saturdays and Sundays from nine a.m. to seven p.m.
   B.   During redrilling activities, soundproofing shall be provided in accordance with Section 16.16.110.
   C.   1. During redrilling, reworking or servicing operations the operator shall be required to respond to resident complaints about noise from such operations. If the operator has not taken action to reduce the noise from such operations to a level acceptable to the complaining resident within twenty-four hours of the making of the complaint, the city may order the operator to implement one or more of the following temporary noise mitigating measures:
   a.   Extension or diversion of oil service rig tailpipes away from affected dwellings;
   b.   Replacement of defective or worn mufflers;
   c.   Construction of sound barriers up to one hundred twenty square feet in dimension between any operating engine(s) and the affected dwelling, which barriers must comply with all Uniform Fire Code provisions then in effect.
   2.   The operator shall implement any such mitigation measures within twenty-four hours of being so ordered by the city.
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