16.16.110   Soundproofing.
   A.   If drilling or redrilling operations are located within six hundred feet of an occupied building, noise sources associated with the operation shall be enclosed with soundproofing sufficient to ensure that expected noise levels do not exceed the noise limits contained in Chapter 9.16 of this code. Such soundproofing shall be installed prior to commencement of operations and may include but shall not be limited to the following:
   1.   Blanket covering for the first twelve feet above the working platform;
   2.   Blanket covering of all housing, including but not limited to, engines, pumps, and generators;
   3.   Additional blanket covering, including the top of rig, crown block, or at ground level when deemed necessary by the inspector.
   B.   Variations in soundproofing may be approved by the inspector if the permittee can demonstrate that the applicable noise standard can be met.
   C.   Nothing shall preclude the inspector from requiring soundproofing where a drilling, redrilling, or rework operation is more than six hundred feet from an occupied building to avoid injury to the use and enjoyment of surrounding or adjacent property or in cases where a noise complaint has verified noise levels in excess of the noise limits contained in Chapter 9.16 of this code.
(Ord. 90-08-1074 § 4 (part))